Honcho giveaway is over! Thank you for participating. Click here to follow us on Instagram to see the winner chosen live!


Q: Are your giveaways a scam?

A: While we cannot speak for other companies, we can assure you that our Classic Truck Giveaways are completely legitimate and legal. We try our very best to be as forthcoming as possible! We ship out orders everyday, not just at the end of the promotion. We use a 3rd party randomizer (Random.org) to pick the winner to ensure absolute randomness. We also pick and announce the winner live on our instagram to prove that the winner isn't rigged. 

Q: What taxes are due?

A: Taxes vary from state to state, but normally the taxes due on a truck are the sales tax on the truck when it would've been sold new. Taxes are collected at your local DMV. For example, an 81 Jeep J10 had an original MSRP of 4900. If your sales tax is 8%, you would pay 8% on 4900, or $392. 

Q: How will I get the truck home if I win?

A: We provide shipping to the winner for free! (with the exception of Alaska, Canada and Hawaii) If you would prefer to drive the truck home, we will even fly you out for free!

Q: When will I receive my order?

A: If your order is placed before 4 PM, it will usually go out that same day. We pack orders everyday, unlike other Giveaway Companies who don't ship out orders for weeks at a time.

Q: Can Canadians participate?

A: Canadians can participate with a few stipulations. Canadians must pay for shipping on all their products they purchase. If a Canadian wins the giveaway, they take on responsibility for shipping costs, title and document fees, and for getting the truck across the border and into Canada. However, we know many people in the automotive industry who ship vehicles back and forth and can assist with the export/import.

Q: How do the rollover entries work?

A: Every $50 that you spend on the current giveaway rolls 1 entry over into the next (if you don't win, of course!). So if you spend $200 on the current giveaway, and don't win, then you already have 4 entries for the next!